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Our Services

Professional Everything
  • From our upscale photo booths to high-end DSLR cameras, from professional studio flashes to hand-picked booth concierge, our mission at every event is to create a good time and take awesome pictures. The photo booth is delivered to your venue and we professionally setup and tear-down the photo booth and all accompanying accessories as part of your white glove photo booth service.
Instant Viewing
  • All our photo booths have a touch screen making it convenient and easy for all your guests to interact with the photo booth during their sessions. After they take the photo, they get to see it instantly on the screen in front of them. That means smiles are immediate and people keep snapping because there’s no limit to how many you can take.
Your Personal Gallery
  • After your event, we’ll upload all the photos taken at your event to your personal gallery on our website and Facebook. You and your guests will be able to view and download the high-resolution images for free and that will be available for a year since the event date.
Fun Props
  • We LOVE props and ALL of our packages include premium props for free! Things like mustaches, bowties, lips-on-a-stick, wigs, funny hats, silly glasses, colorful bows, masks and more. We continue to update our props and keep an eye out for what’s trending.
Unlimited Prints
  • Our state-of-the-art photo booth printers spit out gorgeous prints in just seconds. Our printing packages include unlimited printing, so there’s no limit to the number of sessions you can have and we can even print multiples of each print to give to guests. And of course, we customize your print design before your event, so your prints match the party theme or include a special message or logo.
Red Carpet Package
  • We offer photo booth service for red carpet affairs. In addition to our photo booth packages, we offer the red carpet package with the addition of a red carpet, ropes, and poles. Spice up your event even further with a custom made step and repeat banner. We are the premier red carpet photo booth!
Social Station
  • Our Social Station makes it easy for guests to share their photos instantly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their smart phone, so they get “Likes” right away! We live in the age of instant gratification, so why not give the people what they want? Note: Social Stations require a good, uninterrupted WIFI connection to work properly.
Digital Branding
  • Feel free to customize your digital images with a logo, graphic, or message. Whether you’re hosting a corporate party and need to include a logo, or want to thank people for coming to your party or wedding with a unique design and short message, digital branding looks good and adds something special to the photo booth pictures that guests will be downloading from our website. If you want to brand your digital images, just ask!
Hashtag Fun
  • Hashtag Printing is simple. Just choose a unique hashtag for your event, encourage guests to use Instagram and your #hashtag to document the fun they’re having, and our service will automatically print your guests’ Instagram photos for them to pick up within minutes.
Social Marketing
  • Social sharing is the perfect way to get your guests engaged with your brand on social media. It’s the easiest, most organic way to promote a hashtag and spread the word about your company, wedding, or fundraiser. The best part is guests CHOOSE to use your hashtag because everyone wants and loves the instant high quality photo prints they get as a result!
Video Option
  • We now offer Videos for people wanting a quick, unique show-and-tell of the fun that happened within the Photo Booth at their event. We pick a fun song, string all the images back to back, and create a short video of all the photos that everyone can share and enjoy.