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What is the "Selfie" Mirror Photo Both and how it works?

The “Selfie” Mirror Photo Booth is a brand new photo booth concept. The camera is concealed behind a mirror. Guests can see themselves in the full height mirror. Animations play to guide them to touch the screen to start their photo booth journey. The "Selfie" Mirror interacts with your guests in real-time by guiding them to follow the prompts with different workflows that are always customized for any event.

NEW Photo Booth Experience!

Why "Selfie" Mirror Booth?

  • It’s a totally new concept that you guests will not have seen before
  • Mirrored Screen shows guests in real-time interacting with the booth
  • Touch screen interface used to start the booth and signing photos
  • Instant Prints from the “Selfie” Mirror Photo Booth
  • Hidden technology (it looks just like a mirror!)

The Features

  • Signing Feature
    • Guests sign the mirror and add a personalized message to their photos.
    • We can position the signature anywhere on the photo printout.
  • Screaming Contest Feature
    • Have a fun screaming contest with your guests.
    • The print and mirror will display the volume bar with the result of your scream.
  • Custom photo branding is provided to make your photos unique and personal to you or your brand.

Custom "Selfie" Mirror Animations Workflow

  • We work with you to create a unique "Selfie" Mirror workflow custom to your event.
  • Select from a list of animations for the Mirror to display at your event.
  • Decide whether to use the signing, screaming, and touch features at your event.
  • Number of images per print.
  • Your text and graphics on the print.